Graphing the Federation

Mission: to create a set of navigable maps to make it much clearer how all the sites fit together and who is working on what.

Could be interesting towork with


At the moment we have a lot of sites. It is very hard to keep on top of the information an all these sites and to see what people are working on.

As can be seen by Understanding Page History this can be complex, containing differing view points - and maybe realities.

Proposed Solution

We've made some progress in dynamically graphing of knowledge as represented in wiki - lineup

We now look to visualise these graphs in more powerful ways. We plan to tackle the problem on two fronts:

Here we examine the utility of hand drawn graphs in concept and wiki navigation and comprehension.

We can now embed interactive svgs in wiki.

The second stage is to explore automatic graph creation using cytoscape, and possible cola.js and or vega.

# cola.js and cytoscape