Map Wiki

Here we explore how we can integrate wiki into a mapping environment - either a Geographic Wiki Map, or a Conceptual Wiki Map.

To begin we need to start: * Framing Wiki * Making Wiki transparent * Custom CSS

Pretty Wiki. You can see a minimal start here - pretty wiki

# Communicating With Wiki

The next step is to use window.postmessage to communicate between the map and wiki. This relies on a new feature HTML5 called web messaging.

What we look to do in the next hack, is to link the two way messaging experiments we did in wiki a few weeks back with the map and wiki layouts we just created.

The aim is to have wiki controlled by navigating around and then clicking on nodes in the background map.

# See also

Web Messaging or cross-document messaging, is an API introduced in the WHATWG HTML5 draft specification, allowing documents to communicate with one another across different origins, or source domains - wikipedia

The aim is to have wiki controlled by an external web app (such as a map, or slide presentation), and in turn give wiki the ability to control these external apps.

There is currenlty no short term solution for interactive Fedwiki maps. Both standard HTML Image maps and SVG fails to work.

Cytoscape.js is an open-source graph theory (a.k.a. network) library written in JavaScript. You can use Cytoscape.js for graph analysis and visualisation -

Mission: to create a set of navigable maps to make it much clearer how all the sites fit together and who is working on what.

Here we take thumbnails of wiki pages, and link them to other pages to create a map (or graph) of wiki pages..

We can represent large graphs in many ways. My favourite is the ability to create and cluster large graphs as "countries", where the arcs are roads, and the nodes are places or cities.

We're working on a better markup and some interesting item to item communication.

The map plug-in displays a map, with a caption. The map can be explored, scrolling and zooming, without creating an updated version. Double clicking on the map enables editing, actions being saved in the journal, when the pointer leaves the map.