The goal is to write ideas down before they clutter.

Think toys

The goal would be to make a map where you zoom in and zoom out. The idea is to be faster than the usual file explorers for moving files between directories

Accessing federated wiki via a mobile could allow for edition on mobile and easier browsing. An app would also be a better access point than a website on mobile

Phone adventure App that lets you call someone and provides a script with ambient sound to run a mystification

Running projects

Wiki is slow, probably too slow. Chat is fast, probably too fast. Can we have it both ways in one place?

Introspect is a website that provides conversations with a simili chatbot. This Medium post is the best summary of the project I've written so far

You walk into a city where a lot of spots have been tagged with music. The app uses your location to play the nearest tagged sound.

Vintage projects

Ideas from old trello board

Community Templates And Filters for mails and OCR of administrative documents

See again A website you upload conversation screenshots and the community helps you start the conversation again.

Other projects